Please kindly find answers to your questions about Earthing / Grounding before you step to purchase any Grounding products.

What will I feel when experience LandKissing products?

People buy LandKissing products expecting instant improvements after use, however this is not LandKissing products would promise. LandKissing products contain conductive material and help people ground the earth, being a substitute of being barefoot on the ground or on the earth. Some people notice tingling, warmth, or a feeling of heaviness in a particular area of their body when they start using the product. Others may not feel anything at all. It is often the case that people who are very healthy don’t notice anything while those who are very ill feel benefits quickly. Wherever you are on that scale, the best way to confirm something is happening is using a multi meter. When you connect LandKissing products to the multi meter and place your hand on your  product, you’ll see a big reduction in volts in your body (a decrease of 10-40x). This confirms that something is happening. We believe everyone benefits from grounding or earthing. Research confirms that earthing is a powerful antioxidant and boosts your immune system. So even if you have great health, connecting to the earth can help you maintain that precious good health, and even act as a form of anti-aging medicine.

How many hours or minutes do I need to ground each day?

Around 30-40 minutes a day is enough to start healing process. However, night-time is when the body does the major work of healing and regeneration, so that’s the optimum time for earthing. We’ve known people who’ve had reduced arthritic pain and improved sleep after only one or two nights of sleeping earthed. Those who have longstanding health issues may also benefit from additional earthing hours during the day such as going barefoot outside where possible or using an indoor earthing mat at work or at home.

I’m taking several types of medication right now and have a serious health issue – will I feel better with earthing?

Earthing can improve the functioning of the body in many ways. That in itself is good. However, one byproduct could be that a specific medication dosage may become too much. Symptoms of overdose could appear. In the case of a single medication, it is easier to notice and remedy this situation. But in the case of multiple medications, the situation can get complex as different medications’ interaction with each other as well as Earthing. That’s why we recommend that you do not begin Earthing until you have spoken with your Doctor or health professional. They will need to closely monitor your medication and you may need to visit them more regularly for at first. We advise that you report any unusual reactions to your doctor. She or he has your health as their first priority, and we recommend that you follow their advice even if they say no to earthing due to unfamiliarity with it.

Do I need to have bare skin contact for grounding products?

It is best to have bare skin contact with your grounding products. The larger area you are in direct contact, the better grounding benefits you can get. When you sweat your clothes get wet and it will also be conductive enough for grounding but the grounding effect is not as good as bare skin contact.

Do Grounding products use electricity?

No. LandKissing products are designed to safely conduct earth not electricity.

I have a pacemaker. Is it safe to use your earthing products?

Yes, it is safe.

As cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra says ‘grounding is no different than walking barefoot outside on the grass or on the beach, which anyone with a pacemaker is fine to do.’

When we connect with the earth, we bring a gentle flow of electrons into our bodies that neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation and help us sleep better. No electricity is involved, even with indoor earthing products. Many people with pacemakers sleep earthed indoors and experience benefits from earthing and their medical device. If you have any concerns, check with your doctor and monitor yourself for any symptoms.

What if there is a lightning strike or thunderstorm near my home – should I disconnect my earthing products?

Both the grounding products and grounding cords have built-in safety resistors totaling 100,000 ohms. This protects against the very rare (or theoretical) event of a power surge via the earth. If the nearby ground were to be struck with lightening only a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through these resistors.

Use a multi-meter to test skin voltage. Plug the black alligator clip into ground port and the red one held by hand. Turn on the multi-meter and adjust to V mode. Make sure your meter can read from 9mV to 9V, otherwise you will get no results.

Set up the mat as instructed. Put another hand on the mat and will see a huge drop of skin voltage reading from 6.681V to 235.6mV. The skin voltage differs between people and rises up as approached by more electronics.

I don’t understand the readings on the multi meter, what do they mean?

There is a built-in 50K-52Kohms of resistance for each cord considering safety. Together with the mat, we have a total resistance of less than 100K ohms. The number shows ABSOLUTELY GOOD conductivity according to the industry regulation below.

According to ASTM D257 testing standard,

conductive range: 0ohm – 1000K/1M ohms per square meter

static range: 1000K/1M ohms -100,000M ohms per square meter

Insulating range: > 100,000M ohms

So the readings on your meter show an excellent conductivity of LandKissing mats. The same testing method and results apply to LandKissing sheets and pillow cases.

You can use your washing machine. Wash sheets and pillow cases on warm or cold with gentle detergent containing no oils, no bleach or whitening agents. Avoid fabric softeners, oxidizing soakers and detergents with whitening agents as these will oxidize the silver and conductivity in the fabric, and void your warranty. Line dry is best, but you can tumble dry on warm for final drying. Do not dry clean. Up to 3% shrinkage is usual with the first few washes. If stains occur, we find leaving some gentle liquid detergent on areas for an hour or two, then washing should remove them.

We offer free replacement of products if there are any damages due to indiscreet operation in production or the product loses conductivity during the period


Customers will pay for the shipping cost when returning the products to our US warehouse address. We will initiate refund upon receiving the products


If you are not satisfied with the products in 30 days after you receive the products, you can ask for refund without any questionings.