Grounding & Earthing Products

Grounding or Earthing is the practice of being in conductive contact with the earth. Indoor earthing products are a convenient way to experience the earth’s energy while you are sleeping, relaxing at home or working in an office.

Our body seems to function better when we are earthed – with our bare feet on the grass or when we are touching an indoor earthing product or barefoot substitute.

Earthing may reduce pain, help you sleep better, improve your blood circulation and more. See a full list of earthing benefits here.

What are LandKissing Products?

LandKissing Grounding products come in many shapes and sizes from large bedding products to a wristband and the classic grounding mats.

Earthing is most effective when you do it regularly as benefits generally accumulate over time. So we recommend choosing an earthing product that suits your lifestyle.

LandKissing is a grounding product manufacturer, and our range of products is unique. Here are some of our grounding products and ways to use them.

  • LandKissing Grounding Mat ( for table and floor and bed use )
  • LandKissing Half Bed Sheets ( for bed use )
  • LandKissing Pillow Cases ( for bed use )
  • LandKissing Wrist Bands ( for anywhere )

Irrespective of their size or shape, all earthing products are designed to bring free electrons from the earth into your body. They must be connected to the earth in order to work. Their purpose is to ground your body to the earth’s surface.

The earth’s surface has a subtle, negative charge created by atmospheric pressure and all lightning strikes around the world.

When we connect to the earth, its gentle, subtle energy stabilizes your body’s bioelectrical systems. Find out more in What is Earthing. You can measure this with a multi meter. The millivolts in your body approach zero when you ground yourself to the earth.

How do Earthing Products Work?

Earthing products work by bringing free electrons from the earth’s surface into your body.

They made (partly or wholly) of conductive materials such as silver coated fibre, carbon fibre or stainless steel fibre. This is because conductive materials allow the flow or transfer of electrons from the earth.

Common Questions – Do Earthing Products Differ in Strength?

Not all earthing products are the same. They do differ in strength and longevity (more on this later).

The main factors that influence the relative strength of earthing products are:

  1. the conductivity of the materials in the grounding / earthing product
  2. the size of the earthing product,
  3. the amount of body contact you have with the earthing product

Generally speaking, silver and stainless steel fibres are more conductive than carbonised rubber.

However, the size and the amount of body contact is an influencing factor too.

For example, if you are lying on a half bed sheet that is covering your mattress, most of your body will be in contact with the sheet. Additionally, your full body weight is on it, so the free electrons will get travel through your clothes and intervening layers of fabric very quickly. So if you have a pain in your foot and wrist, both will be earthing at the same time, plus you’ll likely have a deeper more relaxing sleep.

Get a Warranty with your LandKissing Products

For your peace of mind, we give a manufacturer warranty on the grounding effectiveness of all of our products for one year. This goes beyond defective sewing. It guarantees that your product will continue to earth properly for the duration of the warranty. We believe that when you invest in a product for your health, it is imperative that it works reliably and effectively. Find out more about our warranty.